5th - 7th April 2019

Bahrain Grand Prix 2019


*Please note these maps are only a guide and are subject to change

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Bahrain Grand Prix Tickets

$ 322
$ 402
$ 270
$ 161
$ 161
$ 185

Tickets for youth between the age of 3 – 15 will automatically receive a 50% discount on all areas and children under the age of three will be admitted for free when accompanied by an adult holding a valid ticket. Please contact us to book

Gulf Air Club
The Gulf Air club is the ultimate way of adding value to your GP weekend. With this exclusive “add-on”, benefit from an air-conditioned tent with comfortable seating and TV screens to watch the race. The entry fee does not include food and beverages, which are however available inside (including beer and wine) on a cash basis. Please be reminded that this add-on is not a ticket and will not give access to the circuit. Therefore, please ensure a perfect Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend by booking your grandstand ticket at the same time you purchase this add-on.

Main Grandstand
With a ticket to the main grandstand, experience some of the most exciting and intense moments of one of the season’s hottest venues. Overseeing the starting line, the main grandstand offers a privileged view of the start and finish of the race, pre-grid action, pit-lane activity and the podium. Distant views of the majority of the track are also included. And although a portion of the track remains out of sight due to the Batelco Grandstand, you may follow the integrity of the race on 3 giant screens.

Turn 1 Stand
On the verge of the track’s first corner, the turn 1 grandstand is a thrilling place to watch the Grand Prix. Enjoy the cars break heavily after the main straight and take a drastic turn. With overtaking opportunities for the drivers, Turn 1 guarantees electrifying moments filled with joy and adrenaline. Likewise, the stand offers a more than a decent view on bends 2 and 3, and a giant screen to follow the rest of the race.

University Stand
Located opposite Turns 2 and 3, it offers a view on the very exciting Turn 1, Turns 9 & 10, and the back straight (on the opposite side of the track).

Oasis (Batelco)
The Batelco grandstand brings you to the circuit’s back straight. With fantastic panoramic views of over 60% of the track witness a variety of sections from straight lines to tricky turns, including the famous “desert loops”. The right-hand hairpin, Turn 8, offers great overtaking opportunities as cars are forced to brake heavily. Follow the rest of the circuit action thanks to a giant screen sitting opposite the grandstand.

Victory Grandstand
Fashioned into two separate grandstands, the Victory complex carries you to the last section of the track. On the verge of the ultimate corner, witness the drivers ‘composure as they maneuver their way through this double right-hander and storm towards the finish line. Seats in the Victory Complex also stretch a decent view of the back straight and the double apex turn (curve 11).

Circuit Location: The circuit is located 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Manama, and 500 kilometers (300 miles) from Dubai.

A free pit walk is planned on the Thursday for all three-day ticketholders (subject to confirmation).

Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) is again offering the popular Gulf Air Club to fans who want to watch this thrilling race in prestigious surroundings and while enjoying VIP privileges.